INLIFE Stainless Steel Dental Tools Kit with Mouth Mirror


Dental Hygiene Kit, INLIFE Stainless Steel Dental Tools Kit with Mouth Mirror, Tartar Scraper, Dental Scaler, Dental Pick, Dental Tweezers for Healthy Gum Teeth Cleaning

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Stainless Steel
Plaque and tarter remover: a toothbrush only clean visible tooth surfaces in your mouth, but our dental tools can remove the tough stains, plague, tartar, bacteria and debris from your teeth and gum, giving you a fresh breath and confident smile
Rust-resistant and superior material: the dentist tools are made of highest quality surgical rust-free stainless steel with antibacterial coating, which is strong and sharp enough to remove plaque and heavy tartar in your teeth without hurting your gums
Economical and practical tools: designed in different angles which is perfect for different sides of your teeth, good for removing tartar, food debris and bacteria, observing some hard-to-see areas. Clean your teeth in home by yourselve, just like visit to the dentist but without the expensive cost
Easy to use: this dental oral hygiene kit are perfect for professional dentist or anyone without previous dental care experience, it is not only used for personal care, it also can be used to clean your pets teeth, making you closer to lovely dog and cat
Basic dental instruments: the 5-piece kit comes with 1 Anti-Fog Dentist Mirror, 1 Dental Scaler, 1 Tartar Scraper, 1 Dental Pick, 1 Dental Tweezers