INLIFE Sunrise Alarm Clock


Sunrise Alarm Clock, INLIFE 2018 Newest Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulation Daylight Alarm Clock with 7 Colors, Nature Sounds, FM Radio, Snooze Function, Touch Control


Sunrise simulation alarm clock with snooze function: the wake up white light will gradually brighten from 10% to 100% brightness over 30 minutes to bring you gently out of a deep sleep. With Snooze function, giving you an extra 5 minutes of sleep when touch Snooze button
6 Natural Sounds & FM Radio: wake up with 7 different sounds, 6 natural sounds such as pure music, birds, waves, forest, beeping and so on, which let you revel in the nature. As well as FM radio wake up sound to gentle enough to ease you into your morning
7 Colors Light & Atmosphere Lamp: using the easy touch keys to select your favorite color light and enhancing the atmosphere of your bedroom any time. 10 adjustable brightness settings as a bedside lamp to protect your eyes at night
Sunset simulation sleep light with FM: the brightness of light will be gradually dimmed and shuts off finally, guiding you to natural, restful sleep. When you turn on the FM radio, the volume of radio will be gradually fade out untill turn off at sunset time
3 Charging ways: powered by USB Cable(Only for this device) and Wall Jack, or use backup batteries (Not included). We suggest that using the batteries and the USB cord together in case of resetting the time when the cord gets disconnected. And the User Manual can be downloaded in Technical Specification


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