INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Wireless Mood Light with Sunrise Simulation and 4 Natural Alarm Sounds, White Noise Machine with 4 Sleep Sounds, 7 Multicolor Rechargeable Portable Night Light

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New Features: Wireless rechargeable light with 3.2V 1800mAh built-in lithium-ion polymer battery operated, you can easily take it anywhere. Connect the product to 5V wall USB adapter (NOT INCLUDED) using micro USB cable( INCLUDED) . It could also be connected with USB port on your computer/TV, power bank, or other USB power source
Wake up with nature light and sound : 30 minutes before the alarm clock rings (4 natural sounds can be selected), the light will gradually brighten up with 20 levels of brightness, which will make you wake up refreshed. Press snooze button, giving you an extra 5 minutes of sleep for nap
Sleep with white noise: 4 sleep sounds include white noise, rain, ocean, water drops, the auto-off timer can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to conserve energy, which are great for relax and fall asleep better
7 colors changing light: 256 RBG colors change automatically and it is dimmable to meet your current atmosphere, including warm white, green, red, blue, purple, orange and indigo
3 brightness modes: There are three levels of intensity. Lovely soft lighting with warm white glow is nice as a dim nightlight but also can bright enough for reading and craft work. This led night light is perfect to be as bedside lamp for kids, adults and travelers