DDC - 8002J 7 inch Multipurpose Digital Calendar Clock

● Specific Time Information Display 

● 7-inch Screen 

● 8 Kinds Of Alarm Settings

● 8 Different Languages


We all know that people suffering from Alzheimer usually lose track of date and time. With time passing slowly, it becomes more and more difficult for sufferers to tell time and to distinguish between day and night. As the dearest mate, if you are still immersed in heart-breaking or confusion, maybe you should try our digital calendar clock. With large letters, clear visions and multiple setting modes, this device is as convenient as a time reminder for your seniors. In addition, it produces no noise at night, which has no influence on your sleeping. Take it home and help the old go back to the routine.


- Multi-functional clock
Includes the functions of showing the time/date/year, and 8 alarming settings. Moreover, it can be a digital photo frame, displaying picture and video in HD.

- Wide application
With the compact design, easy to store and carry, you can take it around with you or put it anywhere that you want, like the bedroom, living room, and office, etc.

- Easy and clear to read
Displays specific information on this 7 inch screen with no abbreviated word to confuse your reading.

- 8 alarming settings
There are 5 programmable alarms (each alarm can be set for the time and frequency) and 3 medication reminders (morning/afternoon/evening medication reminder).

- 8 languages
You can select the language among English, French, Germany, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, and Swedish, meeting your different reading needs

- Dual time modes
You can select the time mode between 12-hour and 24-hour, which can meet your various requirements.

- Different placements
You can put it on the desk or mount it on the wall for there is a hole and a holder on the back, rather convenient.



- Material: metal
- Adapter: AC 100V - 240V
- Adapter line: about 44 inch
- The SD card is not included




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