BT669 External Optical Disc Drive Portable USB 3.0 ODD DVD Recorder


● Reading And Writing Are Available  

● Plug And Play  

● Built-in USB 3.0 Interface

● Miniature And Lightweight


These days, many laptop producers give up the internal disc drive in order to achieve a portable and lightweight laptop. As far as users are concerned, it is convenient to carry and use that type of laptops. However, the optical disc is an important method to store data and hence you may occasionally need to use an optical disc drive to read it. The external disc drive will be good news for you. It can serve to read and write the optical disc. The device is portable and compact, making it easy to carry. Moreover, when compared with a traditional internal disc drive, it will operate more quietly and transfer data faster. 



- Read and write 
The device is capable of reading and writing the optical disc.

- Plug and play 
There is no need for additional software and the computer can read data immediately after linking to the device.

- USB 3.0 
The built-in USB 3.0 interface can provide you with a fast data transfer rate and also is compatible with USB 2.0.

- Portable 
The device is miniature and lightweight, and it is easy to carry and store. 

- Silent operation 
Different from the traditional internal disc drive, the device will not cause annoying noise at all.



System: suitable for Mac OS X, Windows
Power: 3W - 5W
Interface: USB 3.0




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