1. My rechargeable click clock won't turn on. How do I get it to turn on? 
Most of our click clocks that are rechargeable come fully charged but sometimes due to transportation the clock gets turned on by accident and drains the battery. If this is the case please plug the adapter and lead into the clock and recharge it. You will need to press and hold the power button after it is fully recharged. If it still doesn't turn on please press and hold the power button for longer or until you see LEDs light up on the front face.

2. I think the LED display is too bright when I set my click clock in permanent display, how do I dim it?
All the new version click clocks come with automatic dimmer, so it will automatically dim 2/3 between 9pm and 7am (bedtime), which has been programmed in and cannot be changed. 

3. Can I use other adaptor to power my clock?
We don't advise this, as this could gradually damage the clock. We recommend you to charge your product with the original charger.

4. Will cold weather affect my light?
Our light will not be affected by cold weather, however, the light may appear dimmer in colder weather because the batteries are providing less power. We recommend Lithium batteries if you live in colder temperatures.

5. How do I test my Mr Beams motion sensing light?
To test a Mr Beams Motion Sensing Light before installation or at any time, it is recommended to always use fresh batteries and take it into a dark room. Leave the room to avoid your motion retriggering it. The light will shut off after a minute or two (the motion sensor may need time to settle immediately after putting the batteries in). When you walk into the room, the motion sensor should trigger turning the light on. We recommend waiting for the auto shut off to turn the light off prior to installing to verify there are not issues with the batteries you’ve inserted.

6. How do Inlife LED wireless motion sensor lights work?
All Inlife night lights have light sensors, motion sensors and auto-shut off. This allows the lights to only work in darkness, when motion is sensed and will shut off after the auto-shut off time listed in the instructions. 

7.What's the difference between sunrise alarm clock and common clock?
INLIFE Sunrise Alarm Clock gently wakes you up with natural light and sounds, giving you a more energetic morning.While the common clock wake you up all of a sudden, which is bad to your heart.

8. How does the baby monitor work?
Inlife Baby monitor connects to your home Wi-Fi network and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when there is motion. Using our baby monitor App which is available for Apple and Android, you can see an HD Video stream of the child. 

9. Why do I only hear loud noise instead of my baby?
Audio problems are usually caused by a faulty microphone calibration on the sender. Loud noise indicates that the microphone sensitivity is set too high and boosts the audio signal too much. In order to solve this issue you should start your sender and click the "Adjust Microphone" button. Then follow the instructions in the app.

10. Is it possible to talk to the baby from the parent's device?
Yes, talk-back is possible. Touch and hold the microphone icon on the receiver. The loudness of your voice on the sender depends on how loud you speak into the receiver.




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