XH-205 Smart Backlight Alarm Clock Snooze Function


● Smart Backlighting 

● Large LCD Display

● Snooze Function

● Show Temperature


Many people ask that since smartphones can do almost things for us, why we need to get a traditional alarm clock. Here is the answer: the smartphone does have a bad influence on our health. So you really need to decrease your mobile time. Just look this clock. Strong sense of modern design, a clear LED screen display with the intimate radio function, this multipurpose alarm clock will add the new pleasure and convenience to your life!


- Smart and manual backlight
The smart backlight can keep on automatically when surrounding becomes dark, and the backlight can be also turned on by clicking the top button whether dark or daylight

- Convenient design
In most time, the alarm clock and our eyes will form a certain angle when we sleep, so overlooking view is the best visual angle. The alarm clock is featured with this function, which means you can watch it clearly with overlooking angle of view

- Snooze mode
The sound stops when you tap the snooze button, and it will restart after several minutes to avoid being deep sleep again, by the way, you can set your favorite sound and time to awake you 

- Temperature
With built-in temperature sensor, it can show the current temperature in the room accurately, you can press down key to get conversion in Celsius and Fahrenheit format

- Power supply
3 x AAA batteries to provide power supply ( not included ). If the screen shows confusion when you first insert the batteries, please pull out and reload the battery

- Easy operation
Plastic material and big buttons make it easy to operate, simple settings mean you can even make it without manual


- Screen Type: Digital LCD

- Material: Plastic

- Style: Classic, Modern




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