EH106 - L Dimmable LED Daylight Therapy Lamp Touch Control UV-free Natural Light


● LED Daylight Therapy Lamp 

● Easy To Control And Operate 

● Adjustable Brightness

● Customizable Lighting Zone


Lack of light during the darker winter months causes many people to experience 'winter blues', a noticeable drop in energy level, mood, and personal performance. To deal with it, our product provides balanced broad-spectrum light comparable to daylight. It will not only keep your mood and regulate the sleep, but also pleasantly brighten your home, office, dorm room, or apartment. With the help of our LED daylight therapy lamp, you will feel more energetic to regain concentration while reading and working.



- Light therapy
It gives off natural light without ultraviolet light, which can cheer you up and improve your sleep, perfect for those SAD sufferers. You can choose our LED daylight therapy lamp if you don't want to go out or the light isn't enough. 

- Easy to control
You can power it by connecting the AC adapter to turn on the lamp. Then, you can touch the power button to select the light strength that you want or turn off the light, rather easy to operate. 

- Customizable brightness
There are two levels of light strength (10000Lux / 6000Lux) for you to choose by tapping its power button (after power on, first touch to choose 10000Lux, second touch to choose 6000Lux).

- Customizable lighting zone
We provide a metal holder for you to hold the lamp up. And there are three holes in its backside for you to place the lamp to customize the main lighting zone, meeting your different needs. 

- Wide application
With the compact and lightweight design, easy to store and carry, you can take it with you anywhere, suitable for bedroom, living room, and office room, etc.



- LED quantity: 78pcs
- Material: ABS 
- Input: 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
- Output: 12V, 1A
- Length of the metal holder: 8cm




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