KH - 694 Travel Pillow Long Haul Foam Office Soft Cushion with Detachable Hood


● 6 Different Sleeping Position 

● With A Cover To Block The Light 

● Relieve And Prevent Pressure

● Adjustable Strap And Side Pocket



Designed by Inlife for all travelers that are about to face a long-haul trip. This travel pillow is skin-friendly, breathable and washable, which guarantees a comfortable deep sleep experience with the unique shape. With this Travel Pillow you can finally reach your destination happy and well-rested, so start your adventure right away!



- 6-in-1 sleeping position
Ergonomic pillow special for long-haul flights with universal comfort.

- Detachable hood
Made of double eyelet fabric, the hood covers the eyes up to the nose to block light for a better rest.

- Memory foam
Helps to relieve and prevent pressure points, supports spinal alignment, reduces allergens and is very durable.

- Adjustable strap and side pocket
A strap allows you to adjust the pillow to your neck size, an elastic side pocket fits your smartphone.

- Travel pouch
Fold the pillow to reduce its volume and put it inside the matching transport pouch for easy carry.



- Basic position with a hood

When you need U-shape basic support and want to wear the hood to block the light from bothering you when sleeping.

- Upside-down

Turn the pillow upside-down to get an extra support for the head, it's better when you want to lean against a hard surface like a wall or the headrest is not comfortable enough.

- Side position 

Turn the pillow and lean against it. It will prevent your head from annoyingly knocking on the window when traveling by plane, car or bus.

- Lumbar support 

Wrap the pillow around your lumbar area for lower back support and help to improve your sitting posture. Use when working at the office.

- Car headrest support 

Fasten the pillow with the buckle strap and rest your head, especially when driving for long hours.

- Wedge pillow

Fold the pillow towards the center and rest your head on it. Great for lying down when camping.




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